Derbigum Torch-On Waterproofing Systems

Overview of Derbigum Torch-On Waterproofing Membranes

MRC Africa’s unrivalled experience in installing a vast range of building envelope solutions includes the Derbigum torch-on waterproofing membranes. Derbigum’s range of torch-on waterproofing membranes used for exposed roofs provide a high performance, UV stanle, polymer modified bitumen waterproofing system for exposed roofs. Derbigum’s torch on waterproofing systems offer a variety of environmentally beneficial, sustainable characteristics which include membranes with high levels of recycled content, innovative CO2 neutralising membranes, energy efficient ‘cool’ roofs and vegetal, non-bituminous solutions.

The Derbigum SP range used for roofs is a single layer, 4mm thick special dual reinforceed polyester comprising of a high strength polyestercore and a top layer of reinforved glass tissue. This product has been designed to meet the specific requirments for waterproofing in exposed situations and manufactured in South Africa to suit the harsh African climate.

MRC Africa’s installed Derbigum torch-on waterproofing systems are backed with the unrivalled single source Guardian™ System Warranty which covers materials, installation & maintenance for the term of the Derbigum torch-on waterproofing system.

Key Features of the Derbigum Torch-On Waterproofing System

  • Dual reinforced torch-on waterproofing membrane.
  • Excellent tensile strength and elasticity.
  • Excellent weathering properties.
  • Temperature stability.
  • High impact and fatigue resistance.
  • High melting point.
  • pH neutral rainwater run-off.
  • Backed with the up to 20 year ‘Guardian’ System Warranty.

Applications of the Derbigum Torch-On Waterproofing System

Derbigum torch-on waterproofing systems have been used for over 50 years, with over 600 million square metres installed throughout the worldwide, providing the waterproofing solutions for new build, retrofitiing and refurbishment of large commerical, insutrial and retail property.

The Derbigum torch-on waterproofing SP range has been designed and developed to provide single layer waterproofing solutions to:-

  • Concrete Roofs
  • Timber Boarded Roofs
  • Wide Gutters
  • Parking Decks
  • Insulated Roofs

Technical Data of the Derbigum Torch-On Waterproofing System

Primary use of the SP Derbigum Torch-on Waterproofing System.

  • SP3 – Used on Parapet Walls – 3mm thick.
  • SP4 – Used on Exposed Flat Roofs – 4mm thick.
  • SP5 – Used on Parking Decks – 5mm thick.

SP4 Physical Properties.

  • Tensile Strength – 50mm – Longitudinal 469N & Tranverse 374N.
  • Tensile Elongation – Longitudinal 40% & Transverse 55%.
  • Tear Strength – Die No. C – ASTM D624 – Longitudinal 72N & Transerse 77N.
  • Dimensional Stability at Hig Temperature – Test 28 days exposed at 80°C with movement less than 1 mm/m.

Application of the SP Derbigum Torch-on Waterproofing System.

  • Ensure that all surfaces to receive the waterproofing application are in a dry, sound, smooth and even condition, free of voids and protrusions.
  • Coves or fillets are to be installed at all internal angles.
  • Apply Bitumen Primer to concrete and screeded surfaces. • Side laps should be a minimum of 75mm (recommended 100mm for tanking) and end laps 100mm and fully bonded by means of ‘torch-on’ fusion.

Note: SP Derbigum Torch-on Waterproofing shall not be roughly handled, especially at temperatures below 5°C. Work must be stopped at atmospheric temperatures below -2°C.

Storage of the SP Derbigum Torch-on Waterproofing System.

  • Rolls must be transported in a vertical position.
  • Store upright in a cool, dry place.
  • The floor must be regular and free of sharp objects.
  • Do not double stack, unless properly separated.

Guarantees & Warranties of the Derbigum Torch-On Waterproofing System

MRC Africa’s up to 20 year ‘Guardian’ System Warranty cuts through the myth & mystic of product guarantees and workmanship warranties issued by the construction industry.

Traditionally a product guarantee would be issued by the manufacturer and the workmanship warranty would be issued by the installer of the Derbigum Torch-on Waterproofing System. Two separate pieces of paper, with differing length of terms and when put alongside each other, never answered the question of who will pay for the materials and works such the over-roofing system fail.

‘Guardian’ System Warranty is an unrivalled new era of warranty that covers Materials, Workmanship & Maintenance. The length of term for each element matches and is issued as a single source, transferrable warranty for the life of the guarantee of the Derbigum Torch-on system.

MRC Africa challenges the construction industry to ensure that the workmanship warranty issued by contractors matches the length of term of the Derbigum Torch-on Waterproofing system, thereby ensuring high quality installations with designed and tested Derbigum Torch-on Waterproofing Systems.